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awlroight. now that we got all that jazz outta the way, allow me to fiddle with the what nots.

links. very cool.

italics...oh slanty.


looks good to me. i'm tryin to figure out how in the bejeezus i can change the colors and stuff for this page. alas, i am at a lost and HTML illiterate. feh. ah well. c'est la vie pour moi. anyways, how are you doing? well, i hope.

i am doing well also. i'm getting over my cold nicely and i finally got to work in the darkroom at school today. i am no longer that far behind. i wish i could show you the picture i printed...i'll have to find a way to do that. but in the meantime, here's a story for you. wait no. i must go. goo bye.