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Alright. This post is actually serious, for once. So I'm going to use proper punctuation because I've decided to get all high and mighty on your asses.
Bush. I hate him. I am a pretty left-wing person and to have a right-wing person in charge of the place that I live upsets me. So if you're republican or pro-America at this point, then skip this post.

I was talking to my mom tonight and she was telling me about this lady that goes to the same pottery studio as my mom. For the sake of making things easier to understand, I'll call the lady "X." X said that she's friends with a man who emigrated from Jamaica about 15 years ago. When he came to America, he enlisted because it made citizenship easier to attain. When he served his term, he became a full citizen.
Now that America is gearing up to go to war, they called him up and asked him to re-enlist. He said no, but they told him that if he didn't, they could deport him. See something wrong? I do. When he asked why he would be deported, they gave him some roundabout bullshit. What he told X was that it was because of the new "Homeland Security Act" that he could be deported.

Seems to me the monkey has too much power. Dictatorship, here we come.