Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hi peoples. How are you?

Today is Friday. No, wait, it's about 1 in the morning on a Saturday. Let's start over.

Today is early Saturday morning. Yesterday, being Friday, I returned from Warren Dunes with Pedro. We had been gone since Wednesday. It was a really, really, really nice trip. I had such a great time speeding down two lane highways, getting lost kind of on purpose, looking at the trees (which would cause me to drift into oncoming traffic), wonder about insects, smear myself with clay, say "fuck no" to giant hills, win a stuffed banana out of a vending machine, kiss and spoon, stare at giant sundaes, cower in fear at massive rain storms, obey the urge to swim, stick a pebble in my suit only to find it later, watch 3 episodes of Mythbusters, tickle Pedro, not care about what my hair looked like, try to barbeque, eat a sandwich in the trunk of my car, make fun of loud families, eat a burrito that could almost compare with Allende's, drive a number of miles in a great big circle, wish I had brought a better camera to capture all the beautiful textures and tones, become "Mud Hands," chase seagulls, awe at nature, eat bomb pops, not wear sunscreen, wander Meijer, eat melted iced cookies, not eat the healthy food I brought, drink Woodchuck Cider, etc.

On Thursday I leave for Italy. I am terrified. I've suddenly realized I haven't spent enough time with my family. I'm going to miss them.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Hello Silvia and Mars!

I call myself Angela Papaleo and I have 21 years. I am a student to the universita' of DePaul where study communications.

A thing that I would want to say and' displeases me, pear tree' I think that I forgot my Italian. I studied for 10 month when I was at school. for 2 or 3 month I have not praticato when I was at home. Then, if there are some mistakes in this thing, me dispace.

I am amusing and friendly... then, I think I am amusing and friendly! Nevertheless, it the people pleases me and it pleases to learn I am thought me that we will amuse ourselves together! It pleases me the animals, the books and the music rock. To this point, I work to a radio station on the' internet and also I am a maid to a restaurant to Crestwood, a suburb not too distant from my house to Chicago. To my house I live with my famigla: my pope, Anthony, my mama Mary Jo, my sister Lily and my dog, Vinny. I have a boy is called Pedro, has 24 years.

Mars, scenery and' a lot of interessente, I cannot wait for hear about its studies. I have a friend who studies the theater, and I have another friend who studies the customs for the theater. The theater pleases me, a thing that I want to do and' to go the' work when I am in Italy.

Silvia, my cousin Gina (rhyme, no?) is a teacher, this autumn and' the first time that teaches. I am secure that it would love it hear the advice from You, if You has whatever! How many years have the students?"

A direct translation courtesy of from the letter I am writing to my Italian host family. I just got their information today. Here's the 411:

Silvia, mom/teacher, age 46.
Marta, daughter/student at the university, studies set design, age 19.
They have no pets (a little saddening) but they're into film, theatre, art and other cool stuff.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

So, Lance Bass is gay. Am I surprised? No. More surprised that he actually came out/glad for him. Now all we need is Howie D. from BSB to come out and everything will come full circle.

Hi all. How are you? I'm fine.

Last night I watched Fantasia with Pedro. Dammit, I still thoroughly enjoy that movie. Don't nobody diss it and say it's boring because it's quite up my alley. There's nothing that I love more than faries and hippos. Nothing. Okay, well, if there were puppies than my world would have come crashing down into a puddle of cute, so thanks, Mr. Disney, for not giving me a seizure.

Umm, nothing really going on elsewhere...


Monday, July 24, 2006

Go here. Watch the Nights of Cydonia video.

It has cowboys and lasers and unicorns OH MY!

No seriously. The best music video I have ever seen. Sorry, Thriller. But it's the damned truth.


Monday, July 17, 2006

The house painters are listening to La Que Buena. It makes me want to eat tacos. I miss you, Allende...I miss you.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Headbutts, mothers and nipples, oh my!

So I just read this article from the BBC about Zidane and Matterazi. Zidane claims that Matterazi insulted his mother and called him a "terrorist." Matterazi denys those claims by saying, "I didn't call Zidane a terrorist and certainly didn't mention his mother."

As of right now, I really don't give a hoot if Zidane or Matterazi is lying. What I want to know what language did Matterazi supposedly insult Zidane? Does Zidane speak Italian, or does Matterazi speak French? Or did this all happen in Spanish? I think the authorities should look into this.

Anyway, read the article, it's pretty interesting. The BBC brought in a deaf lip-reader to analyze the tape of Matterazi speaking to's pretty funny.

Sugar Momma

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Okay seriously. Another survey from 100000 years ago...

1. I feel like______I'm alright.
2. We are so immersed in_______our own perceptions.
3. Fondle the________wanger!
5. If you avoid______milk you will not be phlegmy.
6. Enter the______butt.
7. I really wish______I coulda said something.
8. Please don't______touch the monkey.
9. Umbrellas make______bad lunches.

1. A lot of people______are stupid.
2. Cure my______fat ass!
3. Mom insists on______making outrageous demands.
4. Breathe in the______sulfur from 4th of July.
5. Capitalism will______never go away.
6. Anarchy will______strive to end capitalism.
7. Everything I know______is subject to debate.
8. Give her the room to______fart, she's a roundhouse farter! WATCH OUT!
9. I think that you are______nice.

Oh wait! One more thing! Found this old survey, let's give it a whirl!

(Previously from June 25, 2003)

Name: Angela
Birthdate: June 27
Birthplace: Chicago
ye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown.
Height: 5'7"
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: Cancer.

Your heritage: Irish, Italian, Polish, Bohemian/Czech and English.
The shoes you wore today: In the past I wrote, "black flip flops" and today I wore white ones! How the world works...
Your weakness: Booze, sex.
Your fears: Zombies.
Your perfect pizza: Thin crust, either NY cut or Chicago (I'm not really partial). Cheese. With garlic. Maybe artichokes.
Goal you'd like to achieve: Pay off all my fucking student loans...

Your most overused phrase: It's a tie between "seriously," "super serial" and "totally necessary."
Your thoughts first waking up: "What time is it?"
Your best physical feature: I got some big ol' titties.
Your bedtime: Lately it's been like
Your most missed memory: What...? Perhaps "best memory?" I don't even know how to answer that question.

Pepsi or Coke: Coke. Forever. Fuck the Columbians. *sigh* No, not really but I HATE Pepsi.
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's, if I really had to choose...
Single or Relationship: I like both.
Adidas or Nike: K-Swisskis!
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton. Nestea is garbage.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate!!
Cappuccino or coffee: eh. I prefer lattes but if I had to choose I'd go with coffee because cappuccinos are hard to make and I only like how I do it. Mneh!

Smoke: Like a friggin' chimney...
Cuss: Yes.
Sing: Ha, yeah. I do.
Take a shower everyday: Yep!
Have a crush(es): All the time.
Want to go to college: I'm there?
Like high school: Yes, I had fun.
Want to get married: Sure, why not?
Believe in yourself: Mos def!!
Get motion sickness: Um, while reading in a car, yes.
Think you're attractive: Yeah, sure.
Think you're a health freak: Lately I've been more conscious about what I put into my body. But it still doesn't stop me...
Get along with your parents: Yeah.
Like thunderstorms: Oh yes!

In the past month...
Done a drug: Nope.
Had Sex: Yes...
Made Out: No. Well, kinda...
Gone on a date: Yes.
Gone to the mall?: No, actually...
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Over the course of a month, yes.
Eaten sushi: Yes, today, actually.
Been on stage: No.
Gone skating: No.
Made homemade cookies: No but I made myself a shake.
Gone skinny dipping: No.
Dyed your hair: No.
Stolen anything: No.

Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes! Ha!
If so, was it mixed company: Yes! Even better!
Been caught "doing something": No. Actually, okay, well we were done when we were spotted, so technically no. But I have caught others.
Been called a tease: I think...kinda...I'm kind of a teasy kisser.
Gotten beaten up: Last night Mary fucking stuck her hand in my cup of water and then rubbed her hand all over my face! Does that count!? Cuz that was stupendiously mean. Shoplifted: Nope!
Changed who you were to fit in: Yeah, probably.

Age you hope to be married: 30s.
Numbers and Names of Children: You really want to know!? Okay here!
Girls (preferably just one): Daisy, Amy, Annabell, Rose, Rhoswen, Rose Clair, Diane, Diana, Athena, Elanor, Imogen, Giuseppina (to appease the inner Dago), Gemma
Boys (preferably none, but...): Benjamin, Augustin, Peter, Kevin
Describe your dream wedding: All I know is I want to marry Sparkle Motion.
How do you want to die: Either in my sleep or plummeting to the Earth from flying too close to the sun.
Where you want to go to college: U of C or Columbia College for a masters.
What do you want to be when you grow up: A superhero. Or a famous intellectual.
What country(ies) would you most like to visit: Everywhere!

LAYER NINE: In a boy or lady
Best eye color?: I like all eyes, but long eyelashes make me melt.
Best hair color? Dark.
Short or long hair: Medium.
Height: I can go either taller or shorter than me.
Best weight: I like a little tummy, but muscles are always sexy.
Best articles of clothing: I like leather. Mmm. Rar.
Best first date location: IN MY VAGINA!
Best first kiss location: IN MY BUTTHOLE!

Number of people I could trust with my life: Give or take 20.
Number of CDs that I own: Not sure. Its all about mp3s, yo.
Number of piercings: 3 in one ear, 2 in the other ear and 1 special not-so secret one. Oh my god. I just remembered I took a picture of my boob with some stranger's camera...I have to call someone and tell them about this!
Number of tattoos: 0
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: I'm gonna round up and say 5.

This is what both my kid and my apartment will look like. No joke.

Hi, all! I've been killing my liver lately because of my newfound love of spending money on booze. My name is Angela and it's been one day since my last drink. I'm not an alcoholic, I just behave like one. But seriously, all this boozing is taking a toll on my body. I'm feeling a lot more flabby than usual, and that's not all to blame on bob. I blame it on having an ample amount of decent and free food at home, as well as no gyms to go to, as well as turning 21. Well, that whole gym part is bullshit, I can go swimming, but I've been boozing. So yknow.

People around my house need to keep their crunk speakers on 10's, please, not on 11's. Retards.

Seana's going to Australia and it is soooo good to hear it! As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "LUCKY!" But I'm goin to It-ly, so it works out in the end. Still haven't made much money at work. Still owe Anne 500 smackers and still owe the credit card about 160. All together thats 660 bucks and I've only grossed, well, that's none of your bidness. But let's just say that I don't have enough to pay off my debts. Man, I hate bein an adult sometimes...

Let's move on, shall we? So I don't make you gauge your eyes out? Last night we went to Dan Egan's where Dana introduced us to The Horserace drinking game. Amazing. Come, you will play it with me.